Forward Thinkers.
Change Makers.
Forward Thinkers.
Change Makers.
Forward Thinkers.
Change Makers.
Forward Thinkers.
Change Makers.
We are Shift. We call ourselves change makers because our thinkers don't resort to cookie-cutting. The brands we support are positioned to be purposeful, delivering sustainable results for their businesses.

Strategically astute and creatively robust, we at Shift are all about moulding your brands and businesses to thrive in dynamic marketplaces.

The Strategic & Creative Pillar at Shift is fuelled by insights and driven by passion, to create out of the box thinking solutions for our clients. Our crew of thinkers possess the required craft and expertise to deliver a range of solutions such as:
• Integrated Brand Marketing strategy
• Consumer Behaviour & Insights
• Creative Concepts, Designs and Integrated Campaigns
• Production
• Corporate Communications
• Independent Concept and Execution Plans for Events & Activations
• Corporate Identity, Collateral and Annual Reports

Our crew is composed of digitally savvy individuals who are constantly updated on what’s hot and trending. Digitally native, we’re capable of providing a range of solutions such as:

• Digital creative and strategy
• Digital Marketing and Social management
• SEO / attribution modeling and digital consumer flow
• Data analytics and digital intelligence
• Full stack development
• Digital content creation
• Digital experiential marketing
• Digital ad buying

One of the youngest, yet most accomplished Media agencies in the country, the core purpose of our Media crew is to connect with the consumer to unearth a media mix that makes their brand relevant to its consumers. Our portfolio of solutions include:

• Media solutions stemming down from the business need
• Build 360 media touch point strategy
• Consumer Centric Communication planning approach
• Connection planning & Architecture
• Analytics /Insights
• Agile planning

As Shift explores different terrains and changing times, there’s one thing that always evolves for the better- our team spirit. We have people from all walks of life- writers, chefs, DJs, gamers, hikers, bloggers and everything in between. They bring in the kind of energy and passion that can turn challenges to solutions and ideas to execution.

Our diversity is our super-power. It’s keeps our agency feeling young, year after year.

Effie Awards

Gold & Silver

Campaign Asia
Media Agency of the year 2019




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We drift through changing times, challenge the ordinary and reshape the present. If this sounds like the journey you want to undertake, give us a buzz.

4/5, Welikadawatta, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka

Phone: +94 117 389288 / +94 117 389289
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

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